(Our prototypes...working as planned. Thing holdin' and smile makin'.) 




The 5FIVE is currently under going further development - exploring   approaches to bring it market.




More specifically it is a cable wrangler, key dangler, coat/tie/hat/glasses/scarf hanger and if your rings are 9+, then the 5FIVE is also a ring placer. Beyond that it’s just for high fivin’. No pull-ups happenin’ with these bad boys.


The drywall anchors included with the 5FIVE are rated for 50 lbs but depending on mounting conditions, the 5FIVE should pop off the screws with around 25 lbs of pressure - as to not rip your drywall out. That wouldn’t be cool.




This was an experiment. The test: create a product.


The 5FIVE.ME’s creator, Andrew James Benson, was curious what it took to bring a product to market. As a multi-disciplinary creative producer and director, creating physical consumer products was lacking in his understanding and he wanted to change that. A wall mounted high five was something he has been thinking about since 2006, when he created this series for some of his friends as Christmas gifts. Yes, Andrew is a little strange.

He kept the one with 3 hands on it and since 2006, he’s watched people gleefully interact with this silly little thing: motivation to take the idea further.


In the middle of 2013 he sold his house in Phoenix and moved to San Francisco to work with good people on good projects for clients and himself. He decided to invest $5k in creating a wall mounted high five then got to work on it part time. 10 months, a bit more than $5k, numerous iterations, lots of fun tangents and loads of great 5FIVE supporters later, we have the 5FIVE. Andrew built a team and got a mini MBA while creating a silly product that is well made by good people using good (recyclable) materials in fair factories.


What shall we make the next chapter look like? Tell us at: im@ahappyproject.com


Ryan Murray



Ryan is one of Andrew’s oldest friends, a skilled fabricator, graduate of RISD and a general badass who is working on big ideas for you. MORE.

Mark Kelley

Product Design


Mark might have a product in your house – and you probably like it. Mark helped the 5FIVE take form and has been a huge motivator for the project. MORE.

Seth Heltsley

Design for Manufacture


Seth has been an immeasurable contributor to the 5FIVE and is a brilliant man helping product start-up companies (like 5FIVE) flourish. MORE.



Jon Ruiz at Stephen Gould

Packaging + Fulfillment


After much searching with different vendors, Jon came in with greater confidence, excitement and better pricing. Stephen Gould works with product companies we  admire. MORE.

Andrew James Benson

Creator + Managing Director


 Andrew can be found as the Senior Creative Producer + Director at Randy Murray Productions and as the Managing Director at A Happy Project



Should you have questions, please drop Andrew a line at andrew@ahappyproject.com